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How Jenny Paul is Leading the First Ever Shoppable How To Comedy Series

Posted on March 04, 2021

About This Episode

Wondering how you can build your brand on TikTok with your team, and market your product, service, or idea to get more business growth? Looking to learn about new innovations in shoppable video content? I interview Jenny Paul, the producer and actor in the first ever shoppable DIY series, Adulting with Jane, about how she is helping brands get their products purchased through her innovative technology, and how she has grown her TikTok to 62,000 followers with a team effort approach.

About The Guest

Jenny Paul

Jenny is the CEO of intent entertainment and is an award-winning actress, producer and creator in New York city. She's best known credits, including Hulu's the Looming Tower, Netflix Marvel's Jessica Jones, internationally acclaimed a web series That Reminds Me. And the how to comedy series Adulting with Jane, which is a shoppable DIY series. She's also has  a TikTok page Adulting Jane with 62,000 followers.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How did Jenny get started creating Adulting with Jane?

  • Is shoppable content the next big innovation for social media?

  • What brought Adulting with Jane to TikTok?

  • Your TikTok marketing can involve your entire team. You don't have to do it all.

  • Are people transitioning from TikTok to other social media channels?

  • Should you be focusing on quick growth on TikTok?

  • Has Jenny been able to monetize her TikTok channel?

  • Should TikTok be apart of a business marketing strategy?

  • What products work best for Adulting with Jane?

  • How can you connect and be apart of the Adulting with Jane show

In This Episode


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Kyle Kaplanis

TikTok Marketing Expert


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Jenny Paul

CEO of Intent Entertainment

Award-Winning Actress

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