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Social Media Strategies from TikTok's Favorite "Jewish Mom" Libby Walker

Posted on March 11, 2021

About This Episode

Do you need millions of followers to create lucrative opportunities on TikTok? Can being creative about your brand help grow your business? Looking to learn unique strategies about TikTok and Clubhouse? Look to futher as I dive in with Libby Walker who plays Sheryl Cohen "TikTok's Favorite Jewish Mom" and dive in on her experiences working with brand partners and landing a show with only 19,000 followers. She also shares how your brand needs to be advertising in this new era of digital marketing.

About The Guest


An aspiring casting and talent agent with a degree in Theater Performance, during this shutdown, Libby's pandemic past time has been the creation of the persona Sheryl Cohen on Tiktok @libbyamberwalker and has built a following of over 19,000 followers. She can be found creating content for  brand partners and has launched her own show with Lost Tribe Esports.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What inspired Libby to create her Sheryl Cohen character on TikTok, and become TikTok's favorite "Jewish Mother"

  • How COVID changed her entire plans for her career

  • Why you do not need millions of followers to have life changing opportunities through social media

  • By making Judaism cool has opened up so many brand partnership opportunities

  • TikTok marketing strategies for your business

  • Why you need to be using Clubhouse to build your brand and more

In This Episode


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Kyle Kaplanis

TikTok Marketing Expert


Libby Walker

Casting/Talent Management + Social Media Content Creator

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