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Ep.42 Paul

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Kyle Kaplanis


Libby Walker

Kyle Kaplanis: 0:00

Hey everyone. And welcome to the BizTok show. I have the coolest Jewish mom. She doesn't look like a Jewish mom cause she plays the character on the show, but I have her in the studio today. Her name's Libby Walker and she's killing it over on TikTok. She's got 19,000 followers and we wanted to talk about her journey on TikTok. we just did a wicked clubhouse rooms. We're going to be talking about all sorts of fun stuff. Libby welcome to the show. What's going

Libby Walker: 0:25

on. It's a Jewish mother, Sheryl Cohen slash Libby. Hi. So nice to be here.

Kyle Kaplanis: 0:32

doing this Jewish mom thing, but was that something you thought about coming to the app in the first place?

Libby Walker: 0:38

Sure. Sure. Well, first of all, you don't just go on TikTok and say, I'm going to just be the Jewish mom of TikTok. No, it was definitely not that simple. I was told by all of my friends, since I was a theater kid and went to school for acting Libby, you have to try TikTok I'm like, what am I supposed to do on there? They're like, you're funny. Just go for it. I'm like funny about what, I don't get it. People are dancing. They're doing the Renegade. I can't move. What is this? The pandemic happens. I'm in my last semester of college and I had all these hopes and dreams to work in the business of theater. I was thinking I was done with the acting scene. I was ready to work in casting or talent management. And then all of a sudden that's shut down too, because of COVID. So what's the girl to do. I resorted to TikTok. I get off the phone with my own Jewish mother getting ready for the Passover Seder. She was basically saying, "Oh my God, we have to figure out the, Zooms no one knows how to do it, Oh Libby, can you please teach grandma and grandpa and this and that." I'm like, Oh, okay. This is going to be a weird Seder. And so I get on the phone. Yeah. I hang up on like whatever. And the first thing I do is grab my phone and I just start talking to it. I'm like, Oh, Jewish mothers on Passover. Be like during the quarantine. " Oh my God. , what are we supposed to eat? Who are we supposed to talk to? Our ridiculous." And I did a whole shtick for fun with the voice in a messy bun. Wasn't planning on it going anywhere at all. That was the video that just happened to take off. So it's like, Oh wait, let me do another one. I did another one mid sentence, I just screamed Sheryl Cohen. And I was like, wait, this will work. I had people coming from camp, reaching out to me, telling me that this was being sent in there family chats. This Jewish mom, this is hysterical, this is relatable. So it was like, I can't stop now. About a month later, I go home for, end of college, I had to go home early because of COVID . I'm home. And I wake up in the morning. And the first thing I see is TikTok mentioned you in a story. So I was like, I know I'm tired. I know I just woke up. Am I reading this wrong? There's no way TikTok mentioned me in a story. Maybe I'm just confusing Instagram at TikTok, but no, it was true. The first video that I had posted TikTok share to their story for Passover and they were like Jewish mothers know best. Having it not even be like the Jewish app, that they're sharing things for Passover, if you would have told me that would have even happened when I posted something about Passover, three weeks before. That's when I was like, wow, I'm really gonna start taking this seriously. That's been the journey now a year later, very monumental. I just signed to have my own show with a Jewish company. I'm also a Hillel international TikTok ambassador, a TikTok ambassador for birthright Israel and for Aish, which is another Jewish organization. So it's funny that I'm not getting full-time jobs ,yet all of these people want to work with me in a TikTok sense. So exactly been able to help me immensely because that's what people want right now. They don't want a, the assistant. They don't want an agent assistant when theater is shutting down, all the money right now is within social media.


Kyle Kaplanis: 4:02

What's super cool libby is you have 19,000 followers. You don't have 5 million followers, right. You're getting all these opportunities with 19,000 followers, that's just shows how real it is for all people. Anybody could just come there today and Get opportunities from these numbers. You don't need millions of followers.


Libby Walker: 4:22

I have 10,000 followers when TikTok just posted my story. I didn't have that Farah breath was the first company that reached out to me. And I was like, why I remember being sussed out. I was like, can your manager message me? Can I make sure he's a real person? I don't want to give out my address. I didn't know how it works. No one told me no one prepared me. You want to send me free mouthwash? Sure. My stepdad, , I don't know. I had no idea. So like why me? But, I had fun with it and they loved it. There were certainly more that came after that. Obviously I've navigated the way to communicate when it comes to those things. I'm not as scared to give my address out to brands, but you gotta start somewhere. So


Kyle Kaplanis: 5:06

What has your experience been like with working with brands has been positive, negative, just always a learning curve. Talk to me a little bit more about that.


Libby Walker: 5:14

I would say always a learning curve would definitely describe it. I've done things from dream catchers to fab fit fun boxes to cookie dough, to clothing companies, to Jewish clothing companies. Actually funny enough, I got sent in, you're going to laugh at this. This is like, I get sent this pumpkin spice wash. Right. And there's four steps with it and I'm like, Oh great. Like a face wash. Like this is so exciting. And I hadn't used it for months. So I finally told my boyfriend that we have to use this. Ends up being a pedicure kit, all ready to put it on his face, but you just get a bunch of things in this basket. I was like, so excited for so long. He's like, can you read the steps out loud? And the second step is literally apply to foot area. He's like, it burns. It's been a while. Honestly, I wish I would have done something like that to have promoted the brand. I've definitely had a lot of fun interactions with different companies. I helped a company called career up now launched different work for Jewish children. I'm helping with birthrights. Different kids knowing, you can go to Israel right now or hello international, which is , a big organization, about Judaism, like how to make Judaism cool. Same with Aish , and working with lost tribe. They want to be the Jewish hub. Barstool has their whole stick, but they also have called her daddy. So doing like a lot of sports stuff in the Jewish community, but now they want a Jewish hub. So when I spoke to them, I had no intentions of doing anything other than a paid TikTok. They were like, you know what? You deserve a show. We want you to have a show and we want you to be the Guinea pig of this content network experiment. So


Kyle Kaplanis: 7:15

that's so cool, right? Yeah,


Libby Walker: 7:18

definitely, really cool


Kyle Kaplanis: 7:20

that you're bringing, like you said, bringing Judaism into something more fun, because if you're not educated in this space, you don't really know much about it, but it's so cool that you're now going to be reaching all sorts of people and being able to educate them more in it so they can relate to people who maybe their friends are. I honestly have zero clue about it. Right. Cause I none of my family is. So when I met you and see your content, I'm learning so much and you're bringing in such a fun atmosphere for learning. And I think that's critical for a lot of people who might be listening who think, Hey, how can I bring my brand awareness or what I'm passionate about and be able to educate. And TikTok is such a great way because you're doing it in such a fun and organic way that people will relate. I'm sure a lot of your following might be Jewish, but a lot of them aren't going to be, they just find it fun. Have you noticed that have people been commenting, things like that?


Libby Walker: 8:13

I've also found a way to correlate it within clubhouse. When people have reached out to me and said, you're not the stereotypical Jewish mom, like you're not the annoying naggy, you're creative about what you say. You don't follow these specific stereotypes that, would make it not want to know a Jewish mom. You just capture the fun parts of it. And that honestly in itself is probably the best thing I can hear because there's so many different impressions a person could do of someone who's Jewish. Right. But not being stereotypical and just being funny is so important. I've had a lot of people who weren't Jewish reach out to me and tell me how amazing my content is because they understand from a different perspective. So if I can relate to at least one Sheryl Cohen, you know, when your life doesn't have to be Jewish, it's just that person, like everyone has a Sheryl Cohen in their life. I feel like.


Kyle Kaplanis: 9:10



Libby Walker: 9:11

It's that family member that asks you the unnecessary questions at the dinner table. It's the family member who always wants you to have something exciting going on. And you date someone who's perfect. A doctor, a lawyer, a rabbi. Great. But in some way, shape or form, I want people to relate to what I'm doing. And something I tried to stray away from is saying the words, Jewish mom, and a POV and writing mom. So people feel like they can connect to it. People feel like they can watch to watch the character. They can go back and then realize like, Oh, it's this Jewish mom character, but it's capturing the essence of a mom figure.


Kyle Kaplanis: 9:51

Exactly. I think you made a great point. Regardless of your brand, your niche , you could be a little bit more serious than a Jewish mom, but you're going to be relating to somebody. And I think figuring out what that relatable thing is, is what will make the key difference. You're growing in that space because. People relate to it, regardless if they're Jewish or not. There's this fun mom character, and it's really funny and it's really heartwarming and wholesome. I think a lot of people could learn from that . I feel like brands will start doing better if they just humanize themselves a bit more and just showcase the fun side to them, like you are doing with Judaism . I think a lot of brands will have success with that if they do that as well. Right. Would you not agree? Yeah.


Libby Walker: 10:32

A hundred percent. And this is what I try to tell people when I DM people. They're like, great. I'm interested in learning more. What can you offer? We talked about this in clubhouse. What can I offer when it comes to an ad? I don't want to just say a water bottle , Oh, a song. Oh, look me drinking the water, so fun. So interesting. instead I would do something like. "Oh, my God. I'm so parched. It was a ridiculous day. Are my God. I'm saying all I want is a water bottle. , what would you look at that tastes so good? That's more captivating to watch totally than just, Hey look, the Poland spring 1845, I think that in itself is the most fun aspect to it and what people need to know for their business. No, one's going to watch what you're doing. If you don't try to. I say gen Z it, or millennialize it, that's where the big market is right now. That's what people need to adapt to.


Kyle Kaplanis: 11:32

There's, a lot of people may be gen X or boomers listening. Like, Oh, those kids don't know what's up, but as the generations age up, they start becoming the thought leaders of the space and are being the ones that are innovative and you either will be left behind or you adapt to it. So now we're in a culture where we're over advertising. Gen Z has been brought up with it, literally in the womb. They've been watching ads and they're just fed up. Product placement and generic, traditional advertising is just so outdated. That's why TikTok mentions things like, " Don't make ads. Make TikTok's" I've heard them countless times on calls saying, Hey, so-and-so brand, you came to the app and still did your traditional ad and that's why I did so shit. You gotta be fun and make it seamless. People want to see seamless . How can it relate to me and my world? You do in that water thing, I was already captivated, because I was really funny and it was different and it wasn't advertising. You gotta be fun with it and be different. Show a different side and that's gonna draw more attention to your brand or product and what it actually,


Libby Walker: 12:34

commercial. TikTok's are the new commercial people don't have the energy to Wait for a show, right. Instead they're watching promotional deals on TikTok by accident that are so subtle. Those are the ones that I love. I'm like, wait, not only was this a really smart video, they just told me about a product at the same time, but they're also wearing clothes from this other company. Those are the videos that I'm always so impressed with.


Kyle Kaplanis: 13:02

There's a lot of brands out there that are doing such a great job. Do you know the brand Ryan air the airline company?


Libby Walker: 13:09



Kyle Kaplanis: 13:11

They're one of the brands that I think are doing one of the best things on TikTok you have to check them out. They're actually hilarious for an airline company. I wish that they were based in North America. They're a European. Airline. There's so many people that are like, US-based now follow them and they're like, please come, please come. Because I want to just fly on your airline because you're doing such a great job with your marketing and being relatable and fun to this demographic is going to make huge strides in the future. You're working with brands. Have there been any positive feedback from you now working with them?


Libby Walker: 13:45

I worked with. Career up now and help them launch their whole TikTok. And I'm doing TikTok for lost tribe. I did one for a dating app and 13 people signed up from the video and just from seeing Cheryl supported another Jewish community to find a nice Jewish boy or a girl, how could you not download? Are you kidding? So I did a whole Jewish moms, after Valentine's day. Oh, you seriously don't have somebody. No, I get kidding me. No, oh, you got to sign up for this. pushing people to do it without putting it in their face. And I got really positive feedback from that and from the dream catcher, I've eaten beef jerky and been like oh, before you go, don't forget this snack. Very good. gift to you, friends. Parents are always throwing things in your face.


Kyle Kaplanis: 14:37

They really are.


Libby Walker: 14:38

Now I'm trying to see the camp markets as well as it comes close to the summer and reaching out and helping figure that out. I created my own Jewish camp last summer called camp Cohen, where I did what virtual camps would be like. I collaborated with a lot of different Jewish TikTok occurs and we would send videos back and forth, and they were like, my counselors.


Kyle Kaplanis: 15:00

That's so cool. That's so fun, that's what I love about the platform. You get to be so much more collaborative. From wherever you are, like, you don't even have to be in person. You can collaborate from anywhere in the world. That's, what's so intriguing and brands or people listening. You could do that as well, which is so fun. I wish I would see more brands jumping into some of the trends and maybe do adding a video, just being funny. That'd be so cool.


Libby Walker: 15:25

We've got a brand right now. I was the head of the company , it wouldn't be so useful for the company and for myself, I feel like I would just know how to make the product look good. I feel like that's such a skill that you learn after being consistent in TikTok for a year.


Kyle Kaplanis: 15:45

If you were a brand right now, would you jump on TikTok?


Libby Walker: 15:48

That would be the first thing I would do. It would be like the top marketing strategy? What it's called. I'd be like, Oh, I have something cool coming your way. Don't scroll and create some hype around it.


Kyle Kaplanis: 16:01

So you think brands out there that don't have TikTok as a marketing strategy? You think they're hurting themselves?


Libby Walker: 16:07

I think they literally have no idea what they could be doing. The first thing you should be doing is hopping on TikTok. I was talking to my mom about this too, in a work sense. I think adults are too stubborn nowadays to be like, let me try it. Unless I'm sitting here and I'm working for you already. And I'm saying , Hey TikTok is great. And I can help you with this. no, one's going to see it that way. I think the world of theater to needs TikTok more than anything. This is what every actor should be doing right now. And if they're not something's up and I'm actually going to be speaking to my school as an alumni. This month and telling them the importance of Clubhouse using your voice, as well as using TikTok to your advantage. You want to get signed, don't be emailing. Focus on your reel, right? Take the classes. But for those self-tapes that you're doing post them on TikTok you never know who is going to see them.


Kyle Kaplanis: 17:06

And there are people seeing them because I've heard stories of people getting picked up because of their TikTok. If you're not in that space, you won't be found. I love that you bring that up and people should be using it. How many people have you seen doing really cool things? There was a guy that did a post. And he's gotten so many duets of, Hey, are you a voice actor? How cool is that? Let's say you're looking for a voice actor. You could make a fun video and have people duet you to find somebody for your job.


Libby Walker: 17:35

As someone who's been interested in casting is what I've been saying to the companies that I've worked for. I've literally said I will be a TikTok consultant for clients. I will help them get on their feet. When it comes to music as well, send me the lyrics and I will come up with 20 ideas, on the spot that you could do for that specific song. If someone comes in determined and they're willing to put in the time, I have no problem helping them out. It's fun.


Kyle Kaplanis: 18:06

The person that is looking to fill these roles could make a fun video and put text on screen. This is what I need. This is the character, this is the mood. And then just have people go for it.


Libby Walker: 18:17

They can write the sides. This is your audition tape go.


Kyle Kaplanis: 18:20

Yep. Even people who might not been an actor might be really good at it and might have an opportunity to come from. Then there's a lot of people, in the celebrity world who showed up for a casting apperance in the past. Who have gotten it with zero experience. So this could be a fun opportunity or just to try things out. I've tried some of those out I'm bad, but it's just fun. I had a guy on my show, Rob Cancilla, who has seen people hiring for traditional jobs. They're like, Hey, show me your skills. And people are making TikTok videos. Hey, look, this is me. I know all this stuff about Excel. So instead of saying it on paper, they're actually like proving it within a video. On paper you could say whatever the hell you want, you can make up all sorts . And it doesn't mean anything, but if you could prove it in a video, save some time. That's so dope. We hired an intern for PRJT Z and I asked them to make a TikTok video. It was dope. We're focused on TikTok. So that was really key, but other people can be doing that as well. Everyone listening, like I'm telling you TikTok should be your strategy. And if you're building a personal brand, even for your brand Clubhouse is another huge thing that people are missing out on. Libby and I just ran a huge successful Clubhouse. We did not put any thing out there on social media to hype it up. We just went live in the room. Pinged a few people and it was massive. What was the experience today on our clubhouse?


Libby Walker: 19:45

I've been on Clubhouse every day since I've been on it. I can say that my followers are people who frequently will come onto rooms that I am in because you become that friendly face, that friendly voice. They might not see you, but people begin to trust you. People begin to like you and the amount of internet friends that I've created is ridiculous. I've had over 40 phone call conversations from Clubhouse alone. How Kyle and I met? Clubhouse. I met Felice from clubhouse and she's kind of doing what you do and to have you both in a platform like that with other creators is just so special. People are learning so much from that . I think it's so important to stop by tell people what you do, they'll follow you. They'll become attached to what you do. We were just talking about the crazy Instagram growth that comes from Clubhouse that people don't even talk about. It's insane. I've gained over 300 followers from it. With TikTok and Instagram, and then my show launching it couldn't have landed at about time, at least in my life. So now that people trust and see your room that we do together about TikTok what happens. It's a domino effect. People start to believe, wow. Like they are reliable sources to this. They've given some really helpful information. I'm going to keep coming back. And it's that loyalty that you produce, and then it becomes bigger and bigger and bigger, and it's a hello and your friends. That's what clubhouse is all about. It's having these beginning intro who's and then continuing the conversation.


Kyle Kaplanis: 21:18

Exactly. We were just saying what the job on a piece of paper it's like bullshit people don't really believe it. Same with your Instagram posts. So you're the best are you though? I can't relate to a picture or text in the description. Blog posting has been around a long time, but voices, you can reach people way faster, more instantaneously because through texts, it's hard you can't really get it. You can't tell what kind of voice you have? Are you being funny? Are you joking or whatever, but through clubhouse, people can call you out on your shit too, because they'll ask a question and if you call yourself a so-and-so expert you can't hide behind these things and you can't be BS it. Somebody is going to ask you it's live right there. She can't get back to them. You better have a good answer . There's some people in their bios. I feel like on clubhouse they might not be true. I'm a nine figure earner. I'm like, all right, well, let's see. I don't know if you see that you see a lot of people like that.


Libby Walker: 22:15

Yeah. And no one has to look a certain way to be on the app. You can be in bed, you can look your absolute ugliest and that's, what's so amazing about this app too, is you don't have to prepare for it like to look a certain way. You can just speak freely of your mind and no one needs to hide behind a text. It's actual conversation that stimulates you. That's how I would say it. Have a group chat with 12 people. I usually moderate rooms with, I didn't know, half of them. And now we talk every single day. They're Jewish people within the community who care about Judaism too. I've done rooms as comedy hour advice from a Jewish mom where I'm like, okay, what's going on? Tell me what's happening. It's a Jewish mother, Cheryl and people are like, Cheryl, , my mom, she wants me to get married. Ya Mother, is she Jewish?, yes. She's a very smart woman. I don't understand why you're very upset. Next question. I have fun with it and people are just cracking up and they'll message me and be like, you are such a fun moderator. I do shoot your shot rooms, but I act like a Jewish mom when I do it. To make a different, , ah, what's going on. We have Kyle. Kyle what are you interested in? Ah, , I see he's a lawyer. Okay. Girls, are you listening Lawyer, very important. I make it very fun. I call people out. I'm like, ah, so I get both like fish. Oh, you should talk in the DMS. And talking for too long. I'm like, ah, I feel the sexual tension and I, I just get very nosy and fun and people always have a good time. A lot of people won't necessarily even be there to shoot their shot. They're just there to listen to my sarcastic remarks. Some people are like, wow, where are you from? Oh, it's just the voice I give kidding. You really think I'm that so real? I'm it. God. Like I have two children, and I pulled up the whole stick and people were like, Sheryl, Sheryl, Libby. I don't understand who the lippy is. Whomever you deal with profile.


Kyle Kaplanis: 24:15

That's so funny. I'm sure they get so confused , when they come from that to your Instagram, they're like, Wait, is this her daughter


Libby Walker: 24:22

clay? And then they get in my bio. It's like plays a Jewish mother named Cheryl. Yes. No, they're like,


Kyle Kaplanis: 24:28

I love that though. That's what's so cool about Clubhouse too, it anything you want clubhouse to be . You could go in and have a room where you're just talking with five people. you can be a very professional room like me and Libby ran today talking about brand deals on TikTok and sponsorship. We had such a great engaging conversation over there in that space, but it doesn't have to be that. I've seen rooms that are karaoke tryouts. There's rooms where people get to go on stage and sing . There's all sorts of interesting things that are happening. I think people who are listening, if you're not on TikTok or clubhouse, you're really missing . It's going to be one of those situations. Libby, you probably know this, how many people are looking to grow on Instagram right now? They're researching so many ways. How do I grow on Instagram? What are my marketing strategies? Why even start there? Skip it. Come back to that later, once you built on these newer platforms,


Libby Walker: 25:16

right? I just go to clubhouse because that's how I ask these questions. Be insightful. There's rooms with some of the biggest people in the entertainment industry, and you can hop in and you can say, hello, what do you think said, what's your pitch? How are you going to go about it? Are you going to screw it up? And I create a bad name for yourself. Because people start getting to know people on this app, right? You have to start being careful about what rooms you go into when you have a larger following . People get a notification and whatever room you're in. So it becomes like a part of you. This app is really getting to know you for you. It's conversations with your friends, but people you don't necessarily know.


Kyle Kaplanis: 25:55

What do you think are some of the strategies that work well for the app?


Libby Walker: 26:00

first of all, when I first started, I was like, well, shit, I had two videos that did great and I don't have any ideas. I think I'll run out. There's going to be where I'm going to be like, Holy shit. There's nothing more to talk about. I guess, that they never came, that they literally never came the amount of trends that I have seen occur in the year. And I'm like, okay, how can I adapt this? How can I make this relatable to what I'm doing? I just started making a bunch of videos. Maybe I didn't post them right away, but I have like 274 drafts right now.


Kyle Kaplanis: 26:38



Libby Walker: 26:39

That's like almost a year's worth of videos. If I were to post one every day, that's crazy. I feel inspired some days and I can knock out like seven videos. That's not how I work because some days I'll just be too tired and I'm like, totally not a film day for me. You want to have a personality ,and be fun and be that energy. If you're not feeling it, that's okay. But that's why I do multiple in one day. So I'm like, I might not be feeling so me, but I certainly know what I'm posting today on my game.


Kyle Kaplanis: 27:14

I use my drafts, as a tool as well. So for instance, there's a video I saw. That's really cool. And maybe I want to duet it or to style I like I'll duet it. Well, the video is going, I'll speak to myself, like, Hey, do this video, but add this to it. So I don't forget. Yeah. Yeah. I do that too


Libby Walker: 27:32

in bed with the dark light in the morning. I do that. I do that. , I'll be on TikTok at three in the morning, or I'll be like set reminder on phone.


2: 27:41

00 PM tomorrow, do Cheryl cringey lines on Facebook, I have a document of all of my ideas. There's like over a thousand ideas.


Kyle Kaplanis: 27:50

That's so funny. There's some drafts that it's not very flattering either because I'll just be like laying there with my, double chin and stuff and I'm just like, Oh God, but it's just funny. It's such a great reminder. When you're going through your draft, you're like, Oh yeah. That's what I got to do next. And the cool thing is, is take, talk gives you the fastest feedback. Then any other platform, you get content ideas just from your audience. How many people have given you ideas from your audience?


Libby Walker: 28:14

I had someone DM me and they were like two Jewish mom at a tailgate and I was never been a thought, so thank you. I did do it. I was like, Oh my God. Doubtful of the day. Oh, I can't even look, do you know who I am? Can you drink this please? And I was like, I didn't even realize how. That would be, and then everyday things in life will happen or I would do like zooms. I would go live on, give people the zoom number and I would have like 30 Sheryl Cohen fans from all over the world. And they would all talk to me and I had this one kid who's Obsessed obsessed, like the first ever Sheryl Cohen fan with DME every single day, in the beginning. And he would just like start singing, like my Jewish mom, Anthem, every single zoom and knew all of the lyrics, like it's me and not the Jewish mom, and just do the whole thing. And it was crazy. Cause I, I got to talk to them face to face. And that was really cool. I do Instagram lives too, where I put someone else on so they can talk to me. I get to see the people who are watching my content. , I think that's special, but I always make the people feel like, DME, anything, if you come up with an idea or sometimes walking in the street and I'm like, Oh my God, I haven't done Jewish mom at outdoor dining, jewish mom does laundry. Whoa, Jewish mom watches Schitt's Creek. My favorite thing though is I see someone on TikTok. I asked him to collaborate. How can I do that? I met him with attention on clubhouse. And we talked about how we're going to do a collaboration and I'm going to see him do magic. I'm like, ah, don't tell me a tricks, Tommy, what's going on. And he said like, Oh no, magician never reveals. I'm like, can you make my daughter find a nice Jewish boy, no hours. But it's like finding other people's talents and how they can work with you. Zetia is a photographer. And he was like, all my stuff loves Zetia. He has my little heart. This kid is amazing. We got to him. I was like, I'd love to collaborate. And he's like, Oh, I don't really do collaborations. And I was like, hear me out. This is the idea, bond, photo shoot. You're the photographer. I'll tell you everything. You have to say. He's like, you know what? I'm in. And like we did it together and that's a whole different group of people that it's going to see. Make friends from that too. When you reach out to people and you have an actual intention of what you want to say, it comes across so much better.


Kyle Kaplanis: 30:45

Totally. What I love too is I think a lot of people might not collaborate because they feel like how. They don't know how so, it's not even a thought in their mind. Cause he's like a photographer. He's like Libby, how the heck are we supposed to collaborate when I can't take pictures of you? And you're like, why we don't need to? Let's do something funny. That's different. And I think that's so cool. I think a lot of people think that they're like this isn't going to work, but you got to think outside the box and just be creative. Use the app as it intended, be creative as hell and collaborate. I think people would love that people would love collaborations. That's where the duet feature works so well. And generates a ton more views because it is collaborative and it is fun. People want to see those unique creations. I would love to see more of that. Do you have anybody in mind that you're going to be doing something like that next?


Libby Walker: 31:29

No. I'm like thinking, why did put a figure down Jewish mom edition? In the beginning? And there were like over 300 people who use the sound with their Jewish mom and I never even, you know, do that. So when I started meeting people, I was like, Hey, , I would love to see your put up your down to your small edition. And I started sharing all of them on my Instagram, my favorite ones and I've had people be like, Oh, tell me you're Jewish without actually telling me you're Jewish. , I'll go first koan levy, Stein. Right. Stuff like that works really well together. I did a video about , I was like PSA, not all Jewish people, like bagels. And like people saw that. So they stitched it and they were like, that's not true,


Kyle Kaplanis: 32:16

but controversial stuff works super well. When you can reach a mix of people who not liking it and liking it. That's what does, well, there's people in our club want to know

Libby Walker: 32:25

these people,


Kyle Kaplanis: 32:29

but I always tell people too, if you're getting some hay on there, that means your content is doing well. It really is


Libby Walker: 32:36

neat that I receive is , very different. I wouldn't even call that hate. Like the hate that I would receive would be like anti-Semitic comments. Yeah.


Kyle Kaplanis: 32:45

that's interesting. You were talking to me about that.


Libby Walker: 32:48

We get hate, I'll just post the Jewish video on the be like, free Palestine or Holocaust 2.0 or go dine and oven. That's really unfortunate to read, and it definitely pulls me back from the app sometimes, but I never let it stop me. I try to just report the comments. I'm in a bunch of groups with a lot of different Jewish TikTok occurs. I just report everything and I move on from it. But it is very discouraging when you see like an anti-Semitic video, not necessarily get taken down when it's obviously not. Good for community guidelines. And then somebody's posting a video about a shooting that happened, for example, I dealt where there was a shooting and people's videos were being taken down. So how is that? Not community guidelines. That's one thing that I've struggled with weight wise, but other than that, no one's ever commented like this isn't funny, which , they can , go ahead, say it. I've never gotten anything extremely mean, or I feel like most people have been supportive. Other than that. I purposely never get into that on the app. I don't go on other cultures. Pages and discourage them . That's the part that upsets me. You're posting something that's public and a lot of people are going to see it. And if you don't get hate in any form, I would say something's up. People aren't always going to like you and people aren't going to like everything that you're a part of.


Kyle Kaplanis: 34:15

Exactly. And another thing to remind people, if you're looking to listen to any of these shows on the podcast, when it comes out is if you're looking to grow in the space if you're not prepared for that, then you just forget about it. Just go back to doing your normal thing, because it will come. My daughter, 2 million followers and the amount of things that she has as well, you just, you you have to be strong, know who you are, know your worth, know that those words are just words and, try to make a difference. You're bringing a positive light to it. In , your comedy content, maybe somebody does have those views. Maybe you could change it. That would be such a valuable thing to add is as being fun and being like, whatever, say what you want, but this is who we are. We're a Jewish community and we're fun.


Libby Walker: 34:57

I've responded to one or two comments. Someone was like, You're Jewish and it was , you were responding with usher song. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And it was just like me in front of column, in front of a Jewish star, me in front of Israel. And then it was , I have a Jewish mother at the end and I was like, yeah. So I try to respond to some of them if I feel like I can


Kyle Kaplanis: 35:24

The funny thing is I've noticed some people who do that have ended up following somebody because of the way they handled the situation. I've seen haters, become fans with the way somebody has handled the situation in a funny way. They're like, you did that in a really cool way that I'm actually a fan now and an advocate. I think people can learn from that instead of getting angry, like figure out. Something w a fun way to show that didn't affect you. Yeah, I'm Jewish. And there's a lot of people that do get sensitive and it is hard to do where human beings, right? It going to affect us?


Libby Walker: 35:52

The male Leo, for example, she's 16 and she's queen of the whole entire app. That's a lot to take on where your intention wasn't even totally.


Kyle Kaplanis: 36:01

I can't even imagine that pressure. Yeah.


Libby Walker: 36:04

That's not our family, has moved and everything, and her sister starting music. And I know she's been dealing with hate too. People need to remember that TikTok people are just people trying to live their life. No one's land for them to get to where they work. Not even them, no one knew the potential of the app back then. And she set this precedence. So it's hard to do that when you're 16 with no attention.


Kyle Kaplanis: 36:29

At the end of the day, she's 16. There's so many adults that, Hey, don't hang up. I'm like, really? Cause you were so righteous at 16. Are you kidding me? I would be such an ADA. I'm so grateful. I didn't ask


Libby Walker: 36:42

very poised she deals with situations in a very great way. Yeah. People should give her and her family a lot more credit than they do.


Kyle Kaplanis: 36:51

No, for sure. I think she's done great. At the end of the day, she's doing the best she can, she's 16, she's got this big following. That's a lot of pressure. I could imagine putting that pressure on somebody for one day. Everything you have to watch any single thing you do. Libby, is there any final things that you could add to this for the end of the show?


Libby Walker: 37:10

Wow. No pressure at all. No, I'm just kidding.


Kyle Kaplanis: 37:17

What did you do? See our trolley fills with all that pressure.


Libby Walker: 37:20

It's just been so great. I'm super excited to share about my show coming out through lost tribe. I would say check out for more information from that. You can find me on multiple TikTok accounts right now, since I'm just posting through a bunch. I just look forward to the growth and meeting a lot of incredible people and just want to thank all the people who built me up. Thank you for doing something as special as this to meet people and learn their story. I really, really appreciate you and all your time and guys go be on this. If you haven't already.


Kyle Kaplanis: 37:56

We're going to be talking to a lot of things about take talk and strategies and marketing brand deals, all sorts of anything you can name. Come check us out on there. We'll be doing weekly room. So follow us on there. Hit the little notification. You'll see us pop up. So you don't miss any of our rooms. You can go down to the description notes. If you're listening to this on the podcast, you'll be able to find links to all Libby's channels. So you can take a look at her and follow her on her social media. She's super fun. Super awesome. Libby. I really appreciate your time. I'm so pumped that we got connected on clubhouse. This is going to be a long lasting of friendship and we'll be able to see each other's success throughout the years. Jump on. TikTok you're missing out. Get on clubhouse. Those two, right there will change your life and build your audiences right away. Thank you


Libby Walker: 38:44

guys. Cheval. Colin loves you all. So I appreciate you or go find a doctor, a lawyer.


Kyle Kaplanis: 38:56

Peace and love you guys.

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