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TikTok Views Down? Just Post Through It with Hallee Smith

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Posted on April 14, 2021

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Kyle Kaplanis

TikTok Marketing Expert / BizTok Host and TikTok Consultant


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Hallee Smith

Founder at Hallee Media & Design, LLC • TikTok / Social Media Coach • Award-Winning Speaker • Content Creator

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Are all the TikTok algorithm changes effecting your views? Are you looking for the motivation to continue on your short form video journey?  As a content creator do you struggle with mental health due to pressure of creating? This episode is for you!!
In this episode I talk with Hallee Smith about her journey to 1.2 million followers on TikTok and the steps she is taking to keep her mental health in check, and when her views are down she just "POSTS THROUGH IT"

About The Guest


Hi, my name is Hallee, and I am a Content Creator on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat with a combined following of over 1 million. I share vlogs and coffee-related content to entertain and inspire.

I am also a Social Media Coach specializing in short-form video. I work with personality-based entrepreneurs to learn short-form video content creation and use it to attract their ideal clients.

After graduating from Kent State University with a BBA in Marketing and minor in Graphic Design, I decided corporate America was not for me. I began freelancing while I was still in school and I was taking in any client I could get. I worked on various projects including social media campaigns, infographics, logo design, print design, event graphics, and digital and print signage displays. When coronavirus hit, suddenly I was no longer getting project inquiries and I lost most of my clients. I realized that I needed a strategy; I needed to define my ideal clients, and I needed to be actively pursuing them.

Because I am multi-passionate, I've always struggled with choosing one single creative medium. This has led to me developing a diverse background in areas including marketing, graphic design, sports, social media, photography, videography, creative writing, and public speaking. I've discovered that no matter what business or creative field I'm working in there is one fundamental factor that holds constant: storytelling. The ability to tell a story, regardless of the medium, is an invaluable transferrable skill that I have been honing (without my pro-active knowledge) since I was a kid.

Whether it was telling the best campfire story, gathering my friends as actors to produce iMovie thrillers at age 10, captivating the attention of an audience to win a public speaking competition, or designing logos for friends in college, storytelling has always been my specialty.

I discovered my passion for storytelling when a videographer created a "brand story video" for my dad's company. I watched the video over and over again and was struck by how powerful and emotional the message was that the video communicated. I decided that I wanted to create powerful videos just like it for people, and it is my mission to amplify the voices of as many people and brands as possible through the power of storytelling. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Hallee got started on TikTok and her journey to 1.2 million followers

  • How she has been able to adapt her content to try new things

  • Does virality come with a price?

  • Content Creators and Mental Health

  • What strategies were working an not working for Hallee on TikTok

  • How to deal with the TikTok algorithm changes 

  • Hallee's 5 Key Tips to Starting Your TikTok

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