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Kyle Kaplanis is a dynamic process-oriented and professional TikTok marketing expert who is accomplished in multiple aspects of marketing that makes him a great asset to entrepreneurs, business owners, and content creators.

His business is founded on his passion for helping others live their life authentically by being the best version of themselves, and to help people understand how to humanize their brand. Kyle is a good listener, a compassionate and energetic advisor who helps TikTok creators turn their talents and passion into money through excellent management of their business and growth, and helps them become not just TikToker’s but BizTokers.. Kyle is also the host of the BizTok podcast. A podcast that educates listeners on TikTok marketing strategies, growth hacks, and insights that will help them build their brand and skyrocket their business.

Kyle’s competence originates from his vast experiences and different backgrounds such as, a US Army Veteran, working in the sales force, trying and failing many MLM businesses, and working as a seasoned Respiratory Therapist in healthcare. Working with people enabled him to acquire communication skills, learn human behaviors, and most importantly patience and humility. He later followed his dream of being a full-time entrepreneur with the aim of making an impact through educating others. His past experiences have boosted his expertise in brand development, KPI tracking, and digital marketing through targeted populations.

What makes Kyle an expert in TikTok marketing is his success in helping his eldest daughter grow her TikTok account to over 2 million followers, and working with the world's leading influencers, agencies, and TikTok development teams around the world. Kyle is one of the founding partners for a successful talent management agency, PRJT Z Talent, that specializes in working with born on TikTok creators and helping them build and manage their business growth and development. Kyle excels and leads their Talent Division as the Head of Talent.

Kyle brings the same energy to the marketing industry with the aim of exploring TikTok like no ever has. As a TikTok consultant Kyle delivers high-end services by making his client’s needs a priority. He has proven his ability around clients by implementing his refined tactics, experience, and vast knowledge of TikTok marketing.

Kyle’s other passions include spending time with his wife Emily and four lovely kids, Jayde, Jasmine, Jace, and Jessie, and traveling and experiencing new cultures and environments.

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