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Why You Need a Second TikTok Account

What is better than one Viral TikTok account? Two Viral TikTok accounts!

A second TikTok account can be used for many strategies in your TikTok growth.

Before we dive into the different reasons why you need a second TikTok account, here is the quick easy steps to sign up for a new account. This refresher might help as it may have been awhile since you signed up last.

How to sign up for TikTok

You can sign up for TikTok in many different ways including using your email, phone, Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

If you are signing up for the first time, we recommend using your phone to sign up.

You will need to have a phone number attached to your account to unlock all the features of your account. For example you can not use the messaging feature, and you will not be able to go live once you reach 1000 followers.

If you are signing up for a second TikTok account you can use a different e-mail than one you already used from your first account, if you do not have a second phone number to use to sign up. Remember if you do not have a second phone number you will not be able to use your second account to message other creators within the app.

Once you have chosen your login method, you will enter in your birthday, and then you can create your username.

If it is your first TikTok account, we recommend using your name, your personal branding, or your business name. But I am sure a majority of you reading this came to find out the importance of a second account, not setting up the first account.

You can add your second account two different ways.

  1. You can click your name at the top of your profile page, and it will give you a drop down menu. You can have up to 3 accounts linked to your phone. Press the add account, and go through the sign up steps found above.

  2. You can also find the add account feature in your settings. Just scroll down to the bottom and your will find add account right above the log out button.

If this is your second TikTok account you can use any username that you like, as this account will predominantly be your account for consuming content.

Your user name can be changed every 30 days. So if you feel your name needs to change, you can make that happen.

Now one of the biggest reasons to have a separate account for your consuming is because when you consume and interact with content on TikTok, the algorithm will start showing you more content of what you consume.

And if you think about it our personal likes versus our business likes might be very different from one another. So it is important to keep these things separate.

1.Keep your Personal and Brand Content Separate

Your personal account should be used for your personal consuming. (i.e loving every cat video you see, saving all those recipe videos, tagging your spouse in the "funny things wives say" video.

Your brand account (including your personal brand) should be used to post your business content, and to only consume and interact with content within your niche market places.

Why does this matter?

2. To stay relevant with your niches

By using your main brand account to solely consume content within your niche, your For You Page will show you the trends within your market so you can stay current and relevant within your own content.

You will want to use your main account to:

  • Create Content within your niche

  • Follow Creators within your niche to see what they are doing that works well

  • Consume only with content within your niche

  • Search hashtags within your niche and comment on videos from those hashtags daily

3. To reach your niche market, and to get in front of your future consumers faster

By keeping your FYP relevant to your niche, your content will be pushed faster to your target market, and your future consumers. This will help drive the right engagement that you need on your content. You will get the right questions asked from real consumers, and you will be able to create better content from the direct feedback you will get.

The more targeted engagement you receive the more content you can create that is curated to your new growing audience.

This is great for entrepreneurs and creators for the ability to grow multiple TikTok accounts. This provides a ton of new opportunities, and allows you to explore several different niches, have a business account, a personal account, and more. The options are limitless!

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