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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

If you are a an influencer you have probably heard people talking about things like demographics, analytics, statistics, and metrics. All of these things have a common ground and can be found on a media kit.

A media kit is so important for you as an influencer to stand out, be noticed, obtain more deals, and make more money. You probably know that being an influencer you are always looking to stand out amongst the competition of other creators. The best way to stand out is to treat yourself like a business. Because if you treat yourself like a business, you will be paid like a business.


Media kits are used by many in many different organizations. For example brands, publishers, and of course influencers use media kits. For brands, a media kits is often called a press kit. This tells the media buyer what they are all about. For publishers, the press kit, is a way show advertisers a look at their publications, advertising rate, and ad specs.

For influencers, a media kit is a bit of both. An influencer media kit is a highlight of your social platforms, your audience, and demographics, your accomplishments, and your offerings to potential advertisers or partners.

As an influencer it is really important when working with brands that you come across as professional, but most importantly that you will take the partnership seriously. Your media kit will ensure you are relevant to the brand you are talking to. It will help the brand understand what is in it for them, and why they should partner with you. It is a great way to quickly show them what you can bring to their brand, and how you can help achieve their goals.


So now that you know WHAT one is, why do you need one?

Having a media kit shows you take your social media serious, and you are focused on ensuring the work you do is going to be professional and worthy of a brands time. Brands will appreciate you presenting them a media kit, and can lead to better brand partnerships which means more money in your pockets. This could also help you land more long term commitments with brands such as brand ambassador partnerships.


  • Respond to brands who reach out to you: Influencers often get pitched by brand via email or DM on Instagram. When you do you can send them a reply and attach your media kit. Brands will rarely ask you for a media kit, but by you being prepared that will give the brand a great first impression, and will give them a glimpse that you are professional.

  • Pitch brands via email: Most importantly you can use your media kit to pitch brands that you really want to work with. This is a great way to quickly introduce yourself to them, and shows what your social page is all about. Be sure to keep your email short and sweet, as brands do not have time to read lengthy emails. I would give a few bullet points about your following, audience, and mention see my full media kit for the full information.

  • Add it to your bio link: Brands and advertisers are always looking for new talent, so you can help stand out by including your media kit within your bio links. A lot of influencers use Linktree, and you can add your media kit easily to your already existing Linktree. You can also add it under your PR/Advertising page on your website.


Here's a simple list to give you an idea on what you will find on my FREE Media kit template for you:

  • Headshot or photo: Share a high resolution headshot, or branded photo that represents who you are. I suggest using a photo that captures the best vibes of who you are.

  • Name and Tagline: This is an obvious one, but make sure you have your name on the media kit. Your tagline can be something your best known for, or a quick line of your niche like - Kyle Kaplanis - TikTok Marketing Expert.

  • About Me: Who are you as it relates to your socials? Tell them, but make sure it is short and to the point.

  • About Your Channel(s): Give a quick summary of what your channel is about. Do you do cooking videos, beauty and fashion, or lifestyle. Give a summary of what videos you make majority of the time.

  • Your Following: Be sure to include your following on all the socials that you have active and an influence on. (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat, Clubhouse, etc...)

  • Stats: The social media stats you'd like to share. Be focus on your social account that has the biggest influence and following. My FREE media kit template is focused more towards TikTok.

  • Description of Your Audience: Tell advertisers who your audience is. This is why they want to work with you… to reach your followers, so give them a clear picture!

  • Your Best Performed Videos: This gives a clear picture at what you can do, and showcases your talents. Ensure that the videos you share are brand safe.

  • Share Previous Brand Partnerships: Show what brands you have worked with in the past, and give the performance metrics from the campaigns. How many views did the video or post you created received, how many people did you reach, and any metrics the brand gave you like conversions, or how many followers the brand gained from your influence. If you have not worked with any brands, use this area to let the brand know what do you offer. Share that you can do reviews, sponsored posts, advertising. Present it in a way that focuses on the brand, not you.

  • Testimonials: Be sure to include any testimonials you got from brands you have worked with. If they did not give you one, be sure to ask them for one. Most brands, if you did a great job, would be glad to give you some quick feedback.

  • PR/Pricing: This is the place you can add your flat rates for working with you. A lot of influencers rates vary from brand to brand so it is ok to tell the brand to reach out to you directly to discuss rates.

  • Contact Information: Don't wrap up a media kit without a way to reach you!


It is a lot of work to put together a media kit. If you are not design savvy, or just do not know where to start it can put you off from even creating one in the first place. So I have taken the time to create a FREE media kit template just for you. It is a 4 page fully customizable template that you can use on Canva for free.

Now you can start presenting yourself as a business and get more brand deals leading you to making more money! ARE YOU READY TO LAND MORE PAID BRAND DEALS?

Get the FREE INFLUENCER MEDIA KIT TEMPLATE Sent Straight to your Inbox!

  • Fully customizable 4 page Canva template

  • Use this media kit to send to your future brand partners.

  • Stand out from your competition.

  • Get more responses, and land more paid brand deals.


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